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Jeremy Newman jnewman at
Thu Mar 20 16:59:19 CST 2003

Hey all. I've spent a bit more time on the redesign of the website. I'm
looking to get more comments from you.

First off, You'll notice I am *toying* with the idea of placing a banner
ad on the web site. WineHQ generates a large amount of traffic. About
6,000,000 page hits a month. All I simply want to do, is try to allow
CodeWeavers to make up for some of that by placing our ads on the site.
I won't be taking any offers to put "Click the Monkey" ads. I will
happily put up banners for other Wine related companies. If enough
object I will cheerfully take them down. This is my idea, so I'll take
the brunt of the flames here. I just wasn't getting enough clicks on the
"Hosted By CodeWeavers" link to satisfy me.

There is some missing content pages yet on the site. I need someone to
help volunteer by being a editor. The job consists of working purely on
the text of the site. I've done my best to clean up the text so far.
But, I doubt I will have much more time to do that.

Let me know of oddities you find, and if your browser croaks completely
or something on that order.

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