LockFile() and UnlockFile() are working

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at telusplanet.net
Fri Mar 21 19:59:08 CST 2003

Paul McNett wrote:
 > On Friday 21 March 2003 05:07 pm, Bill Medland wrote:
 >> The Samba server does the right thing, so host the file on unix/linux.
 > Ok, let me get this straight.  If I host the file on Linux using Samba, and
 >  connect to it using mixed Windows and Linux/Wine clients, the locking
 > should be respected all around?
 > If so, then that's completely acceptable.  For me, anyway.
 > So... where is the failing exactly?  Windows SMB clients connecting to
 > Windows SMB servers respect locks just fine.  Windows SMB clients
 > connecting to Linux Samba shares respect locks just fine (I've been doing
 > this for years).  Is the problem with the smbclient then?  Sorry, I'm a
 > layperson when it comes to all this lowlevel stuff...

That would seem to be the case. I saw a announcement has a new maintainer so 
maybe even this is not a long term problem

 > The smbfs filesystem The smbfs filesystem is a mountable SMB filesystem for
 > Linux. It does not run on any other systems.
 > Up until recently smbfs has not been maintained as nobody in the Samba Team
 > used it. This has now changed, and Andrew Tridgell tridge at linuxcare.com
 > has taken over maintainence.
 > A new release of smbmount will be in the 2.0.6 release of Samba.

Samba 2.0.6 was released Mon Oct 21 16:11:25 2002

So.... Maybe we should droup him a line...


Tony Lambregts

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