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Sat Mar 22 04:12:06 CST 2003

I guess you can blame the war for some of the delay with that (I live 
about where Saddam has aimed most of his scuds 12 years ago - I was more 
into launch probabilities and trying on gas masks than wineboot lately).

It basically boils down to this - wineserver has not started any 
synchronous wine utils in the past (the font generation is performed, as 
far as I can tell, in the server context itself), and the whole thing is 
taking time and patience to sort out. If all you want is asynchronous 
services starting, that's easy (I practically have the code lying around 
somewhere). If you want services to start halting other processes before 
they start - that's going to be tricker.

In any case, you can merge that right into wineboot itself. It currently 
has several command line options that control how it starts. One of the 
option is to do a full session startup, and another is to do just the 
pre-login startups (that one doesn't have a command line yet, but that's 
really simple). We can put services support there.

We can, but I don't recommend it. I think we should aim for Wine to have 
a simple RPM/Deb install. There are several implications to this simple 
statement. One of them is using a shared (unix) system wide directory 
structure (be it on a real or on a fake windows, doesn't really matter. 
Personally I think fake windows is the only thing that really matters). 
This, in turn, means that services should be started on system wide 
basis. Services also have a different set of permissions and users than 
the usual processes. In short - I think they belong in neither wrapper 
nor wineboot, but require a more specific solution.


Sylvain Petreolle wrote:

>dooooont do it ! even wineboot isnt started by the server !
>>You might want to make a wrapper application like
>>wine/programs/services. This program could then
>>be started by wineserver and a config option if you want to try and
>>run a NT service. I dont
>>really see the point on running services under WINE unless you want
>>to try and install AV software
>>that loads as a service =)

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