wine server and services ...

Gregory M. Turner gmturner007 at
Sun Mar 23 10:19:20 CST 2003

On Friday 21 March 2003 04:52 pm, Steven Edwards wrote:
> I havent been following how wineboot operates as I dont have a need for it
> under Mingw or Cygwin ATM. Sylvain is right you should look at the way
> wineboot and rpcss work under WINE and then implement services as such. It
> would be nice if you add a net command to wcmd so we can net stop
> service-name

net is not a feature of wcmd.  it's an actual console .exe.  so that would be 
the right way to go about it.  an interesting approach would be to try to get 
the native net.exe working, although you may or may not encounter some RPC 
problems doing that.  surely, even if it didn't work, following net.exe 
around in winedbg (or a native windows debugger) ought to be an interesting 
exercise; perhaps I'll try it myself once I get my act together with my wine 
source tree, which seems to have gotten a mind of its own lately and 
obviously needs some TLC to be rectified with CVS...

as to the previous poster who said why do we need it?  because it's in 
windows: q.e.d.  

But in case that doesn't convince you: think it would be useless to run SQL 
Server or Backup Exec under wine?  I don't.  In fact I'd posit an opposite 
question: why should we bother implementing RPC if we don't plan to implement 
services?  They go hand-in-glove IMHO.


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