WineHQ redesign - TODO

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Sat Mar 22 10:10:57 CST 2003

On March 22, 2003 12:16 am, Brian Vincent (C) wrote:
> So.. my vote is for a general "News" box that will mostly end up
> containing WWN issues, the interview series that's going to stretch
> through summer, and any other items that are non-commercial (updates
> to the status page, etc).  Maybe if we could get people using the
> app DB we could put a news heading like "How to Install IE 5.5" and
> link to instructions in the app DB.

OK, but we're now discussing policy. In other words, I suggest we should
be more liberal with announcements, you suggest we're more conservative.
That's a different issue. Of course, most of the items that you cover
(mainly threads of discussion in wine-devel) have no business as News items.
However, as I already said several times, I think there are other things
that qualify as News: Wine releases, Commercial releases, community events.
Yes, they should also show up in the WWN, no question about it. And that
is as it should be, it's one thing to post a Headline news on Monday saying
	Mon Apr, 1: Wine 20030401 is out [link]
	  - kernel/ntdll separation complete
	  - ...

And another to have an item in the Saturday WWN that is so nicely commented
by you, and put into some context. As you can see the two differ:
  * content: the headline is dry, small, just let's people know
	    that a new release is out, while the WWN usually has a nice
	    little commentary, context, maybe some reactions, etc.
  * timing: the headline goes on the site when the release is made,
	    WWN is out 5 days later
So no, there's not that much duplication. Imagine if KDE released a new
version Monday, but they would not make any announcement until KDE-CVS-Digest
was out, or one of the other weekly publications :)


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