WineHQ redesign - TODO

Brian Vincent (C) VincentB at
Fri Mar 21 23:16:43 CST 2003

> Also, I am serious about the "Latest News" box. We need an agreement --
> what about a patch implementing the idea, so people can have a more
> informed opinion?

Here's my $.02:

I think the "Wine Weekly News" heading on the right should just be 
changed to "News".  Instead of something like "Issue: 162" maybe it 
should say something like "Wine Weekly News #162". Interspersed with 
the WWN issues can be other news, for example the interviews that 
will start going up next week.  Over time I'm sure there will be 
things of interest to add there.

As far as the News section that goes into WWN, I don't think it's
appropriate to break those items out into their own announcements.
For one thing, the same XML goes to and I'm
going to continue having the first section be News.  The bigger
problem is announcing commercial development projects.  I'm sure
we'd all agree that TransGaming and CodeWeavers announcements would
be fine to add, but there's a lot of gray area outside of that.  For 
example, had (has) a press release about once a week.  
They made it into quite a few WWN issues before I stopped covering 
them.  Splashing press releases on the front page doesn't necessarily
make it news.  I'll still have most of that stuff in the WWN anyway.

So.. my vote is for a general "News" box that will mostly end up
containing WWN issues, the interview series that's going to stretch
through summer, and any other items that are non-commercial (updates
to the status page, etc).  Maybe if we could get people using the
app DB we could put a news heading like "How to Install IE 5.5" and
link to instructions in the app DB.

PS.  I love the "got Wine?" banner


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