PATCH: Implement some missing stuffs (reformated)

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Sun Mar 23 03:32:24 CST 2003

BigBun wrote:
your reformating is wrong (the long lines are wrapped)

>      case TCM_SETPADDING:
> -      FIXME("Unimplemented msg TCM_SETPADDING\n");
> +      TabCtrl_SetPadding (hwnd, wParam, lParam);
>        return 0;
this is wrong...
TabCtrl_SetPadding is defined as:
#define TabCtrl_SetPadding(hwnd,  cx, cy) \
     (void)SNDMSGA((hwnd), TCM_SETPADDING, 0, MAKELPARAM(cx, cy))
so, this code will resend the TCM_SETPADDING while processing the 

> -    get_server_window_text( hwnd, lpString, nMaxCount );
> +    get_server_window_text( hwnd, lpString, nMaxCount );

you could also clean up your patch and remove the no op diffs


Eric Pouech

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