FW: Re: WineHQ Idea

Brian Vincent (C) VincentB at coppercolorado.com
Sun Mar 23 10:28:45 CST 2003

> I think that, today, we do not have any of the news items
> you describe.  Your are imagining that Brian or Jeremy has more time to
> repost pieces of the WWN to a different box.  afaik, they don't.
> You say "we'll just snag pieces of Alexandres release notices".
> Who's we?

Well, it certainly wouldn't be a stretch for me to post news items.
Generally I write the news section as items occur during the week.
It's not like I sit down on Thursday night and bang out the whole
WWN - all I do is run some scripts and mail it off.  So yeah, I 
guess I'm volunteering for this.  You'll just have to trust my
judgement on what gets added and what doesn't.  (Yeah, I'll be
more liberal than I mentioned earlier.)  It won't be complete
duplication of WWN articles, though knowing the current state of
development I'd guess there would be about 2 - 3 news items a week.

My one request is Jeremy would have to write some kind of simple 
interface in order to get the items in there.  I don't have reliable
access to CVS or a shell acct at work, just web and email.  I guess
there's only three things that would need to be input:

 link to the real article / web page / press release
 short tagline (such as "WHAT'S NEW" for the releases)

> Now, if we had a volunteer PR person that was coordinating and
> driving PR for Wine, and *that person* wanted and was willing
> to maintain and keep fresh such a section, then I would
> be persuaded.  

right.. that wouldn't be me.  Writing summaries, posting news is
one thing, I'm not volunteering for anything more than that (right

Brian Vincent
Copper Mountain Telecom
vincentb at coppercolorado.com

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