WineHQ redesign - going live soon

Sven Almgren blindmatrix at
Tue Mar 25 11:52:22 CST 2003

I know you wannted sugestions but i just can't keep it.. NICE!!!!!!
there's just one thing that drives me crasy (a)
I'm using Mozilla so I don't know how it looks in IE or netscape.. but...
The About box is ONE small pixel higher then the "content" and.. it looks
like the webserver's drunk or something.. is there any way to fix that easy?
Otherwise I don't care..
Nice job! /Sven Almgren

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OK, I believe the site is ready to go live now. If you want any changes
this is your last change to get them in.

I need anyone who is available to go through the site and look for bad
links, bad grammar, and any HTML anomalies.

I plan to get the site live at 4pm CST today. In the meantime I'm going
to work on any requests.

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