[RFC] wrc: remaining TODOs

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at rogers.com
Tue Mar 25 23:17:47 CST 2003


Few things remain before I'm satisfied with the state of wrc.
Here is a list of them:
  -- the -B option: I think this is a the wrong interface.
     The Win32 API has been ported to Big Endian machines
     IIRC, and there is no point allowing people to mock
     with alignment like so: it opens up a BIG can of worms
     for future support and maintenance. And I don't see
     how it can be useful -- the Wine code assumes a certain
     endianess, and that's exactly what wrc should output.
	NOTE: Of course, I just realized that the argument
	      holds as long as the .res format has a fixed
	      endianess on all platform. I hope it does.
	      Anyone cares to enlighten me?

  -- we may need a -r option for compatibility with rc.
     rc used to have a -r option, it is now ignored for
     backwards compatibility. Anyone know if this is old
     enough that we can safely ignore? Up to what version
     was the option required? It is curretly used in the
     Mozilla source, so we were wondering if we could
     remove it from there as well.

  -- the -m option. rc doesn't have it, why do we need it?
     We are using it in the Wine tree, do we really need it?
     Personally, I'd be happier if we could get rid of it,
     so we don't depend on Wine-only extensions.

  -- I would like to add a -U option (undefine), for
     compatibility with rc. In fact, wpp should support
     it as well, for compatibility with cpp.

That's it. Any more ideas? I would like to get this out of
the way soon, any comments or suggestions are most welcome.


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