Multicast options in WinSock with java

Ove Kaaven ovek at
Mon Mar 31 06:59:39 CST 2003

man, 2003-03-31 kl. 11:38 skrev Mike Hearn:
> Hi all,
> I have a bit of a problem. Essentially, the problem is that Java 1.4 is
> buggy, it includes winsock.h, but then proceeds to use winsock2. That
> wouldn't be an issue, except that my app uses multicast sockets, and for
> reasons known only to Redmond they decided to change the values of some
> of the multicast socket option constants.
> Java, therefore, passes in the winsock1 values to winsock2. Windows
> apparently can deal with this just fine (well, the appw works), despite
> there being no obvious way to remap them, both IP_MULTICAST_IF and
> IP_HDRINCL which both == 2 in different winsock versions would be valid
> at once on XP/2003 for instance.
> Marcus, I know you took a stab at implementing multicast support once,
> so if you have any tips that'd be appreciated.
> If anybody knows a way you might be able to detect that a program is
> using the wrong headers for the winsock2 dll, please let me know.

A requested version is given to WSAStartup by the app. What is it?

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