wine debugger and Agent by Forte Inc

schuetzen chasm at
Fri May 2 12:13:40 CDT 2003

running Forte Agent in Wine.
works GREAT!  except that almost every time I send a message or reply from the
s/w, the Wine debugger runs and I have to shut the software down and then
restart it.  this is aggravating when I am running a dozen elists which are

the message in the end of the debug script is 

Unhandled exception: divide by zero in 32 bit code (0X0043e44), 
In 32-bit mode.
0X0043e44 (agent.exe. at ENUMERATEACTIVEWNDS$QP6HWND_P  (wrapping line here)
9TENUMINFO+0xa9b4 in C:\Program Files\Agent\agent.exe): div1

Agent was downloaded from the website and then installed into Linux
(thisis a new and fresh install on a new hard drive) with Suse starting up Wine
and installing Wine and then installing Agent.  all automatically.

really need help with this
powered by Linux, Suse 8.2 Pro + Agent under Wine emulator
Charles L Hamilton, Houston, TX  chasm @ texas. net

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