Add wglGetExtensionsStringARB to opengl

Lionel Ulmer lionel.ulmer at
Sat May 3 16:42:24 CDT 2003

> Looks like it needs some extensions.

Could you try again with your patch (mine is obviously wrong now that I
looked a bit more as the ARB versions has a HDC parameter while the EXT one
has not) but with returning the empty string ?

Could you also try and just return the 'WGL_ARB_extensions_string' string
:-) ?

If this works, can you resubmit your patch by changing the
  'static const char *WGL_extensions = "";'
line to
  'static const char *WGL_extensions = "WGL_ARB_extensions_string WGL_EXT_extensions_string";'

And to have wglGetExtensionsStringARB returning what
wglGetExtensionsStringEXT returns ?

> I thought that, but it was working and I've not much experiences with
> opengl.

Well, the only way to be really sure would be to go on Windows and to call
this function to see if it returns also 'plain' GL extensions. If no, we are
in our rights to not return anything :-)


		 Lionel Ulmer -

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