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hatky hatkyinc at
Mon May 5 16:11:48 CDT 2003

I did not get your point about the querys if you click
on the "keywords" link you get to this page:
and it shows all keyword and when you click on them...
like source links to:
and it get you all the bugs with the keyword
Was this what you were sujesting we need to do I am
asking becouse I really an not sure if I understod you

-- Francois Gouget <fgouget at> wrote:
> On Sun, 4 May 2003, hatky wrote:
> > Well I haven't seen any real answers about this,
> > Can anybody here add keywords to bugzilla?
> > Are you aggreing with the ones that are requested
> > here?
> That's the thing with keywords an components, not
> everyone can create
> them (which is a good thing). I'm not sure who has
> the right permissions
> to create them (I don't).
>  * We *need* a way to find all 'open' bugs
>    - concerning a given component
>    - with a given keyword
>    This doesn't work right now and it has to be
> fixed, even if it means
> making special search form that only allows this
> kind of query because
> the other types of queries take too much CPU.
>  * I propose adding the following components:
>    wine-direct3d
>    wine-directsound
>    wine-directdraw
>    wine-crt
>  * I'm ok with the 'game' and 'installer' keywords
> (singular, both).
>    Though I am not 100% sure they are needed.
>    (is it hard to remove a keyword?)
>  * I am not convinced we should have a 'bidi'
> keyword. A component may
> be more approriate. Would the 'wine-gdi' component
> be suitable or is it
> too crowded? Or maybe an 'internationalization'
> keyword (or 'i18n',
> it's much shorter).
> Another interesting thing is the 'Named Queries'. If
> you go to 'Find a
> bug', you have the option to save the query and it
> will then appear in
> your sidebar in the 'Named Queries' section. So if
> you're a DirectX
> developper you could have a 'DirectX bugs' query
> that returns all the
> open bugs for the 'wine-directx' component.
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