spam protection on mailing list archives

Brian Vincent (C) VincentB at
Wed May 7 10:49:15 CDT 2003

Found this link a few weeks ago:

Particularly interesting were these paragraphs:

"All the plaintext e-mail addresses we placed on the 
public web received some spam. The number of messages 
received seems to be related to the popularity of the 
web site. is a well-known online safety 
site that is linked to by major portals like AOL and 
Yahoo!, and the addresses posted there received a lot 
of spam, while is a relatively 
new site, and addresses posted there received much less 

"But none of the addresses that were obscured, whether 
in "human-readable" or "HTML-obscured" form, received a 
single piece of spam, leading us to conclude that e-mail 
address "harvesters" are not presently capable of collecting 
such addresses. While this may change as time passes and 
technology develops, for the time being it appears that 
obscuring an e-mail address is an effective means of 
avoiding spam."

I think we're ok for now.  

Brian Vincent
Copper Mountain Telecom
vincentb at

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