glXGetProcAddressARB causing dozens of warnings

Gerald Pfeifer pfeifer at
Sat May 10 09:09:49 CDT 2003

On Sat, 10 May 2003, Sylvain Petreolle wrote:
> Lionel, I have the same issue here. In fact, I was about to work on it.


On Sat, 10 May 2003, Raphaël Junqueira wrote:
> can you say me the opengl headers version you have ?
> I think you have mesa headers with GL_VERSION_1_3 defined

Mesa-3.4.2, which has

  % grep GL_VERSION gl.h
  #define GL_VERSION_1_1   1
  #define GL_VERSION_1_2   1
  #define GL_VERSION_1_3   1
  #define GL_VERSION                              0x1F02

> since 1.3 all ARB_multexturing extension things are supported by main
> opengl implementation (no more extension)
> and for glXGetProcAddressARB it become glXGetProcAddress if you have glx1.4

Sorry, I'm afraid I don't understand. Perhaps Sylvain has fixed the
problem already, but in case he hasn't, how do you suggest to get rid
of all those warnings?


PS: I have `grep glXGetProcAddress *` result in
  glx.h:extern void (*glXGetProcAddress(const GLubyte *procname))(void);
  glx.h:extern void (*glXGetProcAddressARB(const GLubyte *procName))( void );
  glxext.h:extern __GLXextFuncPtr glXGetProcAddress (const GLubyte *);
  glxext.h:extern __GLXextFuncPtr glXGetProcAddressARB (const GLubyte *);

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