compile errors in dlls/ddraw

Lionel Ulmer lionel.ulmer at
Sun May 11 12:39:51 CDT 2003

> I think you forgot to use #if defined(GL_VERSION_1_3)/#if 
> defined(GL_VERSION_1_4) ;)

This is not related at all to GL versions... It's just an outdated gl_ext.h
file :-) (as I am using an extension, not an official 'included in GL' API,
it should be defined in gl_ext.h).

> if i remember correctly xfree4.2 implements OpenGL1.2 and xfree4.3 OpenGL1.3
> i suggest you using GL_OPERAND_*_EXT, ... they work for the two versions (as 
> we do in d3d8 code) ;)

Well, I think it will be uglier than that : what about checking in configure
if we have an up-to-date gl.h / glx.h / glext.h and disable completely
OpenGL building if we do not find the files ?

And I find it pretty ugly to use the _EXT variant when the _ARB exists
because some people are loath to update their boxes :-)

I find the #ifdef / #endif absolutely ugly in the source code and I would
prefer having people not being able to compile the Wine GL / D3D code rather
than have an ugly unreadable code...

Another solution would be to 'ship' our own gl_ext.h that would always be
up-to-date with what we want (or to have our own header where we would do
our conversion).

As for the fix, I would prefer Alexandre first comitting my current patch
otherwise it will be a complete mess to fix.


		 Lionel Ulmer -

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