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Luis Marques luismarques83 at netcabo.pt
Sun May 11 16:00:37 CDT 2003


When I launch wine I get the keyboard layout mismatch warning:

fixme:keyboard:X11DRV_KEYBOARD_DetectLayout Your keyboard layout was not 
Using closest match instead (Portuguese keyboard layout) for scancode mapping.

I have a portuguese keyboard. There is one defined in keyboard.c. But it 
doesn't seem to match mine perfectly. For one the backslash that should be to 
the left of the 1 key doesn't work. Neither does the pipe above it.

When I press the Alt Gr it outputs the following error, though it seems to 

err:keyboard:X11DRV_ToUnicode Please report: no char for keysym 0000 (No 
err:keyboard:X11DRV_ToUnicode (virtKey=0,scanCode=138,keycode=8,state=10)

The mapping is defined as follows:

static const char main_key_PT[MAIN_LEN][4] =
 "qQ",  "wW","eE",  "rR", "tT", "yY", "uU", "iI", "oO", "pP", 
 "aA",  "sS","dD",  "fF", "gG", "hH", "jJ", "kK", "lL", "çÇ", "ºª", "\\~\\^",
 "zZ",  "xX","cC",  "vV", "bB", "nN", "mM", ",;", ".:", "-_",

Now, I've noticed the "\\~\\^" contains \ characters for reasons I don't know. 
I tried removing them and recompiling but I see no change in behaviour. I've 
never seen a portuguese keyboard with slashes in there and I can't see a 
reason to quote the ~ and ^ with a backslash either.

The Wine User Guide Keyboard chapter seems to be out of date. I don't know 
what to do to correct the keyboard mismatch.

In attachment I send an excerpt from a log of --debugmsg +key +keyboard.

Luís Marques
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