[latest cvs] GTA 3 is almost perfect

fenix at club-internet.fr fenix at club-internet.fr
Wed May 14 14:34:21 CDT 2003


>I tested GTA3 again, but this time with the latest cvs. GTA3 runs 
> much faster now 

good news
i have done little optimisations on surface locking and it seems working better now :)

> and produces only one error:
>fixme:d3d:IDirect3DDevice8Impl_SetCurrentTexturePalette (0x402fc60) :
>Again, no in-game textures are being shown, only polygons and colors.
>The only texture that is being shown is the title of the game in the
>game menu.

yes we know,
we haven't implemented palette Textures support yet.
It's not too difficult to do in opengl, i'll look next days how to get it working. But first i have to find a gta3 demo (and find some space in my hard drive)


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