ddraw: load OpenGL at runtime

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at wanadoo.fr
Fri May 16 13:18:59 CDT 2003

Andreas Mohr wrote:
> On Fri, May 16, 2003 at 09:49:55AM +0100, Mike Hearn wrote:
>>Setting up a logbot isn't hard, indeed, I could put one on my server if
>>you want. I already run irssi on it constantly.
> OK, then let me rephrase my requirements to *persistent* and *consistent*.
> (since an IRC session is far from consistent)
> We're talking about architectural issues here, and architecture is about
> creating *order* (of steps to take, of things to implement, of...).

first, I'd like to hear more about the interest of the idea and not the 
interest of the tool.
secondly, to me, the real benefits of those sessions wouldn't be to have 
a decent architectural document available (which we nevertheless don't 
have in lots of areas in Wine), but rather to have developpers share 
their views / ideas / planned activities on a set of subjects.
last, I fully agree with Dimi that Alexandre participation would be 
greatly appreciated


Eric Pouech

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