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Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Sun May 18 08:10:30 CDT 2003

hatky wrote:
>>Wine doesn't support native VXD. But you can replace
>>a native VXD with a
>>builtin. But then you must rewrite the VXD.
> 1. So why did they move VXD's to dos?
because it's only used by some DOS based app
> 2. Do native VXD's in wine load for every windows
> version defined?
native VXD are never and will never be loaded by wine
> 3. Do you mean a messy rewrite or just compilling with
> the winelib?
Wine builtin VXD are a plain rewrite of existing VXD in Windows 3.x and 
9x. But, most of the services available on those systems in Windows are 
not available in Wine (think of hardware access, DMA, interrupt...). So, 
I doubt we could port an existing driver (from source) to Wine. The only 
viable way is 1/ get the spec of the VXD, 2/ reimplement it in Wine.
> 4. Since it's kind of a driver I get wine will never
> support real ones, not in the near fauter, right?
> 5. Was supporting real windows drivers ever came up? I
> know that if something like this would of been done it
> wouldn't be it wine but I wander, is there such a
> project?
yes, but it's not Wine, it's ReactOS (but it will support the NT driver 
model, not the Win 3.X / 9x one).


Eric Pouech

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