Ulrich Weigand weigand at
Mon May 19 11:59:50 CDT 2003

Steven Edwards wrote:

> Maybe the main gcc developers but the mingw team seems to support the idea. 
> Once it gets in Mingw it is only another minor release before it makes it 
> in to GCC HEAD.

This is not quite how GCC development works ...  From what I've seen 
on the gcc lists, I wouldn't expect __try/__finally to make it unless
the core maintainers can be convinced that it is useful, well-defined
and won't hurt future maintainability (they've been bitten in the past
with other GCC extensions ...).

What's mostly missing as far as I can see it is an actual definition
of the intended semantics of the construct, in the style of the C
standard; defining in particular the interactions of the new feature
with all other existing standard features and GNU extensions.

Also, the current discussion was mostly about using __try/__finally
in order to implement pthread cancellation cleanups.  If there is
a need for this feature outside of that area (e.g. for Winelib),
it probably can't hurt to voice that request on the GCC lists.


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