Implement GetProcessPriorityBoost

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon May 26 03:20:12 CDT 2003

"Lionel Ulmer" <lionel.ulmer at> wrote:

> > I'm curious whether you need to test for pDisablePriorityBoost != NULL
> > before setting its value...
> Well, this would need to be tested on real windows.... But well, I would
> find it stupid to have a 'no-op' case like that supported (or even used by
> applications).

If the only problem is to test it under Windows you can always ask people
to do so. Okay, I tested it and passing NULL does crash. So, yes, your patch
is correct.

> Anyway, this is only used in 'error cases' by DungeonSiege so it's not that
> a big deal if it's not committed to the tree.

Do you mean that a single objection can make you so unhappy that you give up? :-)


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