Problem with compobj.dll.COSETSTATE

Peter Barth barth at
Wed May 28 03:56:22 CDT 2003


I try to run a French-learning software called Decouvertes.

Multiple problems I have, hopefully sombodey answers and can help:

o as a starting point I used the ODBC dlls delivered by the program, The
DB stuff works, but I would like
  to know, how to implement the wine-builtin ODBC support and which
driver this would be then

o once the program comes up, it generates a Win16Mutex timed out -
message. After a while it allows input and runs
   quiet good as it seems

o issueing an other task - dictionary - leedss to an exception related

  unimplemented function compobj.dll.COSETSTATE called in32-bit mode in

  There is a OLE2.DLL deliverd with the program, which has such a
function built in.

Question is, as a newbie to wine, how to tell wine, not to use builtin but ole2.dll native. Rename,
reconfigure and recompile?

I would need assistance badly, probably somebody had a similar problem
before. The purpose for this is, that we try to establish Solaris based
system at
a school environment whithout involving Win2k/Citrix on a seperate
Application-Server. It would help tremendously if somebody becomes
involved with this.

Thank you very much

best regards

Peter Barth

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