Wine folks interested in a CHM spec?

Mike Hearn mike at
Wed May 28 14:28:23 CDT 2003

> And yeah, that would be sadly true if we start yet another browser
> project, when we already have Mozilla and KHTML... :/

It's hardly a new browser project.

a) It wouldn't be about developing a browser. Who gives a monkeys about
browseui, favourites etc. We only care about the rendering engine, and
then only because there's a buttload of proprietary code out there that
relies on bizarre quicks and "features" of mshtml in order to operate.

b) it'd be based on either khtml or mozilla. not starting a new
rendering engine.

c) we have little choice. Well, that's slightly melodramatic, obviously
nobody has to work on it. But sooner or later somebody will find they
need it. Probably lots of people.

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