Wine folks interested in a CHM spec?

winedev at winedev at
Thu May 29 00:54:50 CDT 2003

> Mozilla is going to be the way to go if Demi can get the gecko to build
> and work as a WINElib app now that it can be built with Mingw. Once that
> is done we will know what needs to be fixed in WINE to support it as
> either a elf or PE binary. Plus it will save us on the ReactOS side some
> work when we go to do a explorer/browser clone. =)

Well, anything is a start... but IMHO whilst Mozilla is a fair browser,
and Gecko is a fair rendering engine... neither of them are up to coping
with the stress of providing IE-compatible integration.

Also upstream tracking of Gecko would be very much impossible, and there
is ZERO chance that IE'isms would ever make it into upstream anyway...
KHTML has a far better chance in that respect :)

Also Geckos JavaScript engine is very so-so with a lot of the MS-formatted
JS I've tried feeding it :(

 - Ender

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