Wine folks interested in a CHM spec?

Ender winedev at
Thu May 29 01:05:30 CDT 2003

> Correction, it seems despite first appearances the project was never
> born. Its CVS tree is empty. Suckage.
> Rereading Enders email I can't quite decide if he stubbed Qt out in
> order to get it running on Win32 or not.... if we were to track KHTML
> CVS, stubs would be the only solution, but as it might need to be forked
> anyway actually de-Qt'ing is another possibility.
> Ender, could you give more details about how you got it running on
> win32?

Well, if you look back through wine-devel's archives when this last came
up, I had a KHTML running natively without stubbing (much, there were a
few for simple heavily used classes like QString). We had this very same
discussion then too, that we really need to stub in order to keep track of
upstream. I started writing a wrapper, but then Safari was released and
people were talking about porting WebCore to Win32.

I paused my work about then, firstly because of the C++ in CVS issue
(writing stubs and wrappers is fairly easy but tedious, and if none of the
work could go into CVS anyway..)... But also because I was being lazy and
hoping that the WebCore port would get to point I could at least use it as
a base. Obviously that never happened :(

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