Bultin OCX?

Mike Hearn mike at theoretic.com
Thu May 29 11:25:20 CDT 2003

> >They are normally shipped with the app. So would we really need one >in Wine?
> I think one of the goals of wine is to implement all the functions
> of windows systems, for instance now i'm testing an application
> written in VB that uses both Winsock.ocx and mscomm.ocx (RS-232),
> and I would like to use as builtin libraries/"com libraries" as possible, instead of using a "closed ocx", in which i can't do anything if something
> fails...I know now exists some builtin programs like wine-Notepad or winemine, so i think, the next step is to develop builtin OCX...under
> wine license

OK, that's fine, but be aware that:

* notepad is there because some apps require it
* winemine is just a simple demo of how to write a WineLib app

ie, Wine is NOT trying to replicate the entirety of Windows.

> Well, some ocx yes, but Winsock.ocx has not any visible interface,
> and it can be used without IDEs, simply by calling the COM server  

If you want to write one then by all means go ahead, but I think it
would be quite a bit of work. You'd want to use the winsock apis, as
then your OCX can be reused on Windows and we keep all the code

thanks -mike

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