winsock: remove annoying message

Rein Klazes rklazes at
Sat Nov 29 01:28:04 CST 2003

On Fri, 28 Nov 2003 11:43:06 -0800 (PST), you wrote:

> Ahh, I think I see your point:  the Wine+Linux variant
> uses /etc/services, while Windows uses a file of the
> same format, but in a different location
> (system\services for Win9x, typically
> system32\drivers\etc\services for WinNT+).  Is that
> right?

Yes, although I do not remember for sure whether this services file
under windows is actually used by these winsock calls.

> In that case, I'm not sure what the correct behavior
> should be.  On one hand, it doesn't match Windows'
> behavior 100% when using a real Windows install.  On
> the other hand, it'll match native (Linux) programs'
> behavior on the same machine.

Purpose of wine is to run win applications that users want to run under
Linux. We occasionally go beyond the way from 100% correctness to help
make that happen.
> Because a user (non-developer) can't take any action
> to correct this, I think the output is unnecessary. 
> Point taken that at least a TRACE may be useful,
> though, since it's of use to developers.

I don't follow here. There are plenty of users around that would be able
to read, understand and act on this message.

Rein Klazes
rklazes at

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