Proposal to resolve the issue of the broken wine-users gateway

Jeremy White jwhite at
Thu Oct 23 15:49:52 CDT 2003

Hi Folks,

Say, Just chatting on IRC today, and ShadowHawk pointed out
that a host of other sites (Franks corner, etc) have sprung up
almost entirely because there are no user based forums

This is, in part, due to the fact that the gateway between
the newsgroup and wine-users is busted.  And it is that way,
because the gateway we were using is a dead project, and Jer
hasn't been able to wrestle it back into working 
(and doesn't really want to).

Further, I think it may be time to recognize that cool looking
forums are what users expect; that mailing lists and newsgroups
are really becoming the 'old' way of doing things.

Further, there is a PHP based forum system that Jer would be
happy to put up on

This would neatly side step the whole problem and perhaps provide
a nice upgrade for

What do others think?



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