Windows Video Drivers on Linux

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Mon Sep 1 00:14:02 CDT 2003

There is no code yet on this site but I would take this guy at his word as he is the one that
developed the Private ICE debugger for Linux. One of our developers with the ReactOS project
ported PICE to ReactOS so we could debug drivers. Well now it seems he has decided to try and
implement support for Windows Video drivers on Linux.

"I'd also like to announce the start of a new project called "MSCGDI" (Microsoft Compatible
Graphics Device Interface). The project's goal is to write an emulation layer that makes it
possible to install Windows native display drivers on Linux running an Xserver. I have already
started to code a kernel  module that serves as the wrapper around display driver and miniport,
emulating the Win32k.sys and VideoPrt.sys API. So far I have a been able to bring up VGA.DLL and
VGA.SYS from Windows 2000 Professional and use it to draw some basic stuff on a VGA based adapter.

If someone is interested in supporting development of any of those projects, please write to
KlausPG at I will put up a project website in the next couple of days on which I
will offer some basic demonstration of that idea."

This sounds interesting.


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