Windows Video Drivers on Linux

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Mon Sep 1 08:13:14 CDT 2003

Hi Klaus and Steven,
Since this project will provide Microsoft drivers functionnality, will
it emulate vga.dll and others dlls ? I agree with the fact this sounds
really interesting,
but I dont see now in which case this could provide some gain to the
linux user.
Do some display exist and need really specific drivers to function ?

> There is no code yet on this site but I would take this guy at his
word as he is the one 
> that developed the Private ICE debugger for Linux. One of our
developers with the 
> ReactOS project ported PICE to ReactOS so we could debug drivers.
Well now it 
> seems he has decided to try and implement support for Windows Video
drivers on
> Linux.

> This sounds interesting.
> "I'd also like to announce the start of a new project called "MSCGDI"
> (Microsoft Compatible Graphics Device Interface).

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