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On Sun, 31 Aug 2003 22:14:02 -0700 (PDT), Steven Edwards
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>There is no code yet on this site but I would take this guy at his word as he is the one that
>developed the Private ICE debugger for Linux. One of our developers with the ReactOS project

And my bet is that there will never be one. At least not in the next future.
unfortunately. I was looking into pice some time ago and tried to contact this
guy about it, but he never answered. I also got his phone number, which is
valid and seems to work, but I couldn't reach him there either. When you look
at the pice project at sourceforge and on his website, then you will notice
that there was the last activity in 2001. When I couldn't contact him a few
months ago, requested the project from sourceforge and are now the new
maintainer for this project. The files you can see with current date are from
me now. So don't expect to much from him. I tried to find some information
about this guy, but everything I could find was dated at about the same time
when he stopped working on pice. This is rather unfortunate, because I think
his two projects quite interesting. I hope to continue pice, but I have a long
way to go there. :) The other project is not interesting enough for me to get
it involved anyway, even though it would be quite nice to have it working.

>If someone is interested in supporting development of any of those projects, please write to
>KlausPG at I will put up a project website in the next couple of days on which I
>will offer some basic demonstration of that idea."
>This sounds interesting.

Yes. And it was written at the end of 2001. And nothing since then.

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