Wanted to learn Wine Completely

Ove Kaaven ovehk at ping.uio.no
Wed Sep 3 10:56:00 CDT 2003

ons, 03.09.2003 kl. 16.25 skrev Sukumar .S:
> I've one requirement for my company for which there is a need to 
> understand wine source fully (there is a time constraint).

Now that's what I call optimism. Before taking on such a task, anyone
who can pull that off need to consider the risk of being worshipped as a
demigod afterwards (such worshipping may cause you to take on
responsibilities and spend so much time on them that it will jeopardize
your career).

I mean, I don't think I'm too far off if I say that *nobody* fully
understands the complete wine source. I doubt even Alexandre would even
try to understand every subtle detail of all the various patches he
wades through. Every developer in this project only knows about the area
they're interested in (or at least working on), and the rest lives its
own life as far as they're concerned. Understanding everything is just
not worth it.

> i was a windows 
> developer moved to Linux two years back and have good/bit of knowledge on 
> win32 system programming (win32 api calls)..! 

Okay. For comparison, I was a (not bad) windows developer, moved to
linux some 7 years back, been working on the wine project about 6 years,
but I still wouldn't pretend to know everything. A lot, maybe, but
probably still not even half of it.

You can try, but you should consider telling your employers that they
ought to narrow the focus a little bit.

> so far i've downloaded the wine source (Wine version 20020710) and 
> compiled it and able to run the required target applications.

2002? A little old, perhaps? Wine is also a fast-moving target.

> I'm looking forward from all of you to guide/help me to start learning/understanding 
> wine starting from running the target application to exiting the 
> application.

Well, if you want real answers here, you have to ask specific questions,
then maybe whoever knows the most about that particular topic will

Though if it helps, Wine starts in miscemu/main.c

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