Wanted to learn Wine Completely

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at intelliware.ca
Wed Sep 3 10:01:24 CDT 2003

On Wed, 3 Sep 2003, Sukumar .S wrote:

> I've one requirement for my company for which there is a need to 
> understand wine source fully (there is a time constraint). i was a windows 

how tight is that constraint?

> developer moved to Linux two years back and have good/bit of knowledge on 
> win32 system programming (win32 api calls)..! 
> Me myself belive that i'm good in win32 common controls (each control 
> (i.e listview,treeview,static,edit) message hanlding) and in windows message 
> hooking.

Perfect -- we need guys like you!
> so far i've downloaded the wine source (Wine version 20020710) and 

Oh my, why so old (over one year old)? Get the latest version:


> compiled it and able to run the required target applications. I've gone
> through the documentations (wine-{devel,user,faq}), DEVELOPER-HINTS and 
> navigated through src tree (controls,windows) to get the feel of the file 
> names (api calls) and to look at the coding conventions.

That's a good start.

> To start with which part of the code that i've to read in wine and how do 
> i proceed further...? Please help me.

To understand all of Wine is a huge task. You need to tell us what you need
that for, so we can help. If you need to see if your app runs under Wine,
start with that. Play around with the app, see if it exhibits any bugs,
problems, undersirable behaviour, and report it to the list. Once you find
such problems, you can try to fix them, and submit patches -- this is the
best way to understand the Wine codebase.


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