commctrl.h cleanup

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Thu Sep 4 19:27:40 CDT 2003

On September 4, 2003 07:08 pm, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Anyway, just to show it can be done here's the beginning of such a
> script; you can do 'fix-includes windef.h winbase.h <files>' and it
> will make sure all the files listed include windef.h before winbase.h
> without making unnecessary changes. It's not perfect yet, but it sure
> beats doing everything by hand...

This works well for the three big ones: windef.h/winbase.h/winuser.h
For other we will include a lot on unnecessary headers. For example,
ntstatus.h is not needed in many files that include winnt.h.

I continue from my changes and deal with the rest of the files
using your script, if that's OK with you. If not, just let me
know and I'll drop what I've been doing (yeah, I've touch a few
config.h/port.h but I can fix those).


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