Case sensitive in wine

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Fri Sep 5 07:19:05 CDT 2003


I just sent an email about a file that isn't found -> Current Working Dir.
I don't know if my next problem is related to it, just mentioning it.

I tried another app which needs dlls and again I had the error that the
file was not found, this time from wine. But the dll sure was in the
fake c:\windows\system32. Just as a wild guess I made a copy of
this dll and changed the case to all upper case as was the name
wine told me. And miraculously the dll was found. So it seems
that even while doing "Windows work" wine sometimes behaves
case sensitive.

FYI: Linux is Suse 8.0, wine is 20030813 (which makes me wonder
as I made clean/distclean the old one, cvs up wine, configure,
make depend, make, make install... and I never had a wine-rpm)

bye  Fabi

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