[ANN] Conformance testing campaign

Ferenc Wagner wferi at afavant.elte.hu
Fri Sep 5 20:28:04 CDT 2003

"Dimitrie O. Paun" <dimi at intelliware.ca> writes:

> 1. What is the "20030829" link in the column.

That is a link to the binaries giving this result.  Now it
is all the same everywhere, since we have one build only.
If we had a "latest results" page, it could be different in
each column.  It we can recruit people for running the tests
(which seems necessary anyway), then we will not ever need
this and thus drop.

> 2. What is the "version" link for. Maybe that should list
> all the various versions that were tested for that OS.

This shows the version string of the testing OS.  I moved
that into the titles of the architecture names, and will add
to the reporter data, too.

> 3. What is the (1) mean? What is it good for?

Wanna be the above.  Since I found no meaningful way to
collapse different tests for the same OS, it is always 1.
Could be transformed into an optional "alternate results"
link (perhaps test-by-test), since we will (hopefully) have
a principal tester.  Now I show the number of reports
instead of the reporter data if there are more than one

> 4. What does "failed" and "N/C" mean? Maybe they should be
> links as well, explaining the problem.

N/C: not compiled.  Can be made a link.
failed: the test did not finish.  If there is any output, it
is a link.  If the tester supplies extra data, that can be
presented, too.

> 6. For "green" tests, it would be nice if we open a small
> popup instead of going to another page, it's just too little
> information.

I added titles and if that's not enough some JavaScript,
which I do not find particularly elegant.  Could do separate
popups, but is any of these any better that the titles?

> Maybe a "prev"/"next" link on the page would be nice as well.

Or rather an orthogonal view: same test for different builds.

> 8. The "dll:test" thing should maybe be a hyperlink to the
> cvsweb archive or better yet to the LXR-based tree so than
> you get the test when you click on it.

For snapshot based test binaries I can put in an extra link.
I would rather use the test names for the above task.

Sorry for mispelling your name, Dimi.  If only I had not
thought about it!  Too late...


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