[ANN] Conformance testing campaign

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at intelliware.ca
Wed Sep 3 13:22:51 CDT 2003

On Wed, 3 Sep 2003, Ferenc Wagner wrote:

> And waste precious space...  But it is the way if we find a
> way to cope with serveral results per Windows version.

Not really wasting, it shows we are _missing_ important
tests. I would suggest we collapse the tests for the same
version is the same column. The columns should be:

Win95, Win98, NT3, NT4, Win2K, XP, Server2K3, Wine

Various smaller versions/service packs/etc of the
above should be collapsed in the same column.
Hence my colouring suggestion: if all versions fail,
things are not good (red), if some pass we aren't in 
such a bad shape afterall (yellow), if all pass we're
golden (er, green :)).

> >>> I suggest the cells be coloured green, yellow and red.
> I dropped yellow, the cell contains the number of errors,
> and is always clickable.  Have a look.  But if you want to
> put it on WineHQ, the color scheme may have to change.

Looks good, we can worry about the color scheme later.

> Anyway, what I really care about is functionality.  Does it
> have everything we need?  Is it convenient to use?

It is getting there. Some comments:

1. What is the "20030829" link in the column. I'd move it out 
of there somewhere before the table, the clomuns are busy as 
they are, and it's the same across all of them.

2. What is the "version" link for. Maybe that should list
all the various versions that were tested for that OS.

3. What is the (1) mean? What is it good for?

4. What does "failed" and "N/C" mean? Maybe they should be
links as well, explaining the problem.

5. I really think we should have empty columns for OS we did
not receive tests for.

6. For "green" tests, it would be nice if we open a small
popup instead of going to another page, it's just too little

7. We should eventually link back to a master page listing
all the previous results. Maybe a "prev"/"next" link on
the page would be nice as well. Kinda tricky to implement
next though... Maybe through some CGI, something like
results?dir=next&curr=20030829, this one looks it up, and
does a redirect.

8. The "dll:test" thing should maybe be a hyperlink to the
cvsweb archive or better yet to the LXR-based tree so than
you get the test when you click on it.

9. Very nice! It looks really good!


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