Dynamically altering drive mappings at runtime

Mike Hearn mike at theoretic.com
Sun Sep 7 08:53:27 CDT 2003

.... and on a slightly related note, I am wondering how hard it would be
to allow wine to alter drive mappings at runtime. The reason I ask is
that it'd be nice for the "add drive" dialog in winecfg to use the shell
directory chooser that shows all directories on the system rather than
forcing the user to type in a path manually, which is error prone.

To do that, of course we need a few things:

* the ability to map / if it's not already mapped (or maybe we should
just force / to always be mapped to drive Z in the wine code)
* the ability to switch off drive letters showing through in the
directory chooser dialog, so it's less confusing to see this magic
letter appear.

Thoughts on how hard this is?
thanks -mike

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