Dynamically altering drive mappings at runtime

Robert Shearman R.J.Shearman at warwick.ac.uk
Sun Sep 7 09:47:32 CDT 2003

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> Subject: Dynamically altering drive mappings at runtime
> .... and on a slightly related note, I am wondering how hard it would be
> to allow wine to alter drive mappings at runtime. The reason I ask is
> that it'd be nice for the "add drive" dialog in winecfg to use the shell
> directory chooser that shows all directories on the system rather than
> forcing the user to type in a path manually, which is error prone.

I belive Eric has already proposed being able to dynamically 'mount' parts
of the Unix file system into the Wine file system as part of his file
function rewrite. Eric: how are you progressing on this?

> To do that, of course we need a few things:
> * the ability to map / if it's not already mapped (or maybe we should
> just force / to always be mapped to drive Z in the wine code)

This will probably start another flame war, but I am in favour of the
default Z mapping. However, we could always map Z whenever we need it (e.g.
loading the debugger) with a slight extension of the SetVolumeMountPoint
Win32 API.

> * the ability to switch off drive letters showing through in the
> directory chooser dialog, so it's less confusing to see this magic
> letter appear.

I believe there is a registry setting for this under Windows that tells
Shell32 views to not display certain drives. I can't remember where this
setting is though...


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