Dynamically altering drive mappings at runtime

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at wanadoo.fr
Sun Sep 7 09:58:55 CDT 2003

Robert Shearman wrote:
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>>.... and on a slightly related note, I am wondering how hard it would be
>>to allow wine to alter drive mappings at runtime. The reason I ask is
>>that it'd be nice for the "add drive" dialog in winecfg to use the shell
>>directory chooser that shows all directories on the system rather than
>>forcing the user to type in a path manually, which is error prone.
> I belive Eric has already proposed being able to dynamically 'mount' parts
> of the Unix file system into the Wine file system as part of his file
> function rewrite. Eric: how are you progressing on this?

slowly, but surely. I do have a running version of the infra, without 
all the required best & whistles yet. Anyway, I'm not 100% sure that 
current drive configuration layout will stay as it is... so, it may not 
be urgent to implement this (we anyway need something in place until all 
the file I/O rewrite has been done)

Eric Pouech

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