Question regarding development..

Jon Brandenburg jbrandenburg at
Sun Sep 7 10:30:18 CDT 2003

Hi, I've read many of the various articles/faq's etc posted on the website, but I have not encountered any so far the really
answer my question.  My question is this, I have a Universal
Subscription to MSDN which includes among other things, debug versions
of the operating systems.  Am I allowed to run debug os in connection
with say a piece of test code, with the purpose of extracting the
necessary api information/functionality so it can be rewritten into wine
or must I treat it as a black box and ignore the debug versions that I

If my question isn't clear enough I'd be happy to restate it.



PS:  I did just have the idea to actually check the license included
with the debug os version to see what if anything that it states.. hmm
lets see...

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