Wine and Windows Hooks

Sukumar .S ignouonline at
Mon Sep 8 02:19:14 CDT 2003

Dear All,

I would like to understand how each Windows Messages like WM_COMMAND are
processed and handled by wine ? If i call a function SendMessage and pass
one window handle to it with the appropriate message (i.e WM_GETTEXT )
how it will be processed ? Is it going through the wine-server ?

I'm basically interested in learning about window messages processing and 
how each window/dialog/controls creation/updation/manipulation are handled 
in wine ? Is this such that all window messages are going through 
wine-server ?

If i wanted to trace/hook the window message, is there any --debugmsg
params available ?

Is there any documentation (developer) available for wine-server ?.
I would like to understand the architecture/functionality of the 
wine-server. It would be better if there is a document which explains the 
incoming/outgoing packets (Requests/Responses) between client and then 
wine-server ? when i looked at the wine-devel documentation on wine-server, 
it says that 'wineserver is the confusing concept in wine ' ? Is it so 

If i didn't framed my questions properly, please forgive me as i'm very
novice is wine and hopefully show some progress when i feel comfortable 
with my wine study...!

Thanks and Best Regards,
S. Sukumar


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