Wine and Windows Hooks

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> I would like to understand how each Windows Messages like WM_COMMAND are
> processed and handled by wine ? If i call a function SendMessage and pass
> one window handle to it with the appropriate message (i.e WM_GETTEXT )
> how it will be processed ? Is it going through the wine-server ?

Yes. It is put into a queue and then retrieved by the GetMessage (or
similar) function.

> I'm basically interested in learning about window messages processing and
> how each window/dialog/controls creation/updation/manipulation
> are handled
> in wine ? Is this such that all window messages are going through
> wine-server ?

Yes. All of our common controls use the standard Win32 API.

> If i wanted to trace/hook the window message, is there any --debugmsg
> params available ?

I believe "--debugmsg +message" would do what you want.

> Is there any documentation (developer) available for wine-server ?.

Unfortunately not. I've wanted to write some for a time, but I haven't had
the time.

> I would like to understand the architecture/functionality of the
> wine-server. It would be better if there is a document which explains the
> incoming/outgoing packets (Requests/Responses) between client and then
> wine-server ? when i looked at the wine-devel documentation on
> wine-server,
> it says that 'wineserver is the confusing concept in wine ' ? Is it so
> ...?

Not really. It uses a client-server model over Unix sockets. The server
process is a one thread loop which serves requests one-by-one and performs
necessary checks for expiring timers. The server usually doesn't send its
reply until it has finished whatever processing it needs to do (e.g. waking
threads). The protocol is defined in wine/include/wine/server_protocol.h,
which is auto-generated from wine/server/protocol.def.

> If i didn't framed my questions properly, please forgive me as i'm very
> novice is wine and hopefully show some progress when i feel comfortable
> with my wine study...!

Your questions were fine. Let me know if you want any more detail on
anything. Looking forward to your first patch!


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