Wine and Windows Hooks

Mike Hearn mike at
Mon Sep 8 06:37:57 CDT 2003

On Mon, 08 Sep 2003 12:49:14 +0530, Sir Sukumar .S scribed thus:
> I would like to understand how each Windows Messages like WM_COMMAND are
> processed and handled by wine ? If i call a function SendMessage and pass
> one window handle to it with the appropriate message (i.e WM_GETTEXT )
> how it will be processed ? Is it going through the wine-server ?

The Wine architecture is loosely modelled after the architecture of
Windows itself. In Windows, messages are usually switched via the kernel,
so yes, a wineserver call will be involved in that as the wineserver
typically represents the Windows kernel.

You can see the message queue/switch code in server/queue.c

Useful debug channels here are +message and +msg, which give different
views onto message flow. Be careful, in complex GUI apps they can generate
large amounts of data.

thanks -mike

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