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Rolf Kalbermatter rolf.kalbermatter at
Mon Sep 8 07:21:01 CDT 2003

Ove Kaaven <ovehk at>
> On Sun, 2003-09-07 at 17:30, Jon Brandenburg wrote:
>> Am I allowed to run debug os in connection
>> with say a piece of test code, with the purpose of extracting the
>> necessary api information/functionality so it can be rewritten into wine
>In what way would the debug version help you with that compared to the
>non-debug version?

I have no idea about the details of Windows debug versions. But I guess
the debug files may contain a lot of additional informations such as symbol
names of internal functions which are normally stripped.

As that and seeing the hesitations of accepting code which is suspected
in the slightest way to be directly derived from dissasembly into Wine,
I guess using this information is certainly not encouraged and probably
not advisable to avoid possible legal issues. I don't think any party
contributing to Wine is really prepared nor willing to test the legality
of this in court.

Rolf Kalbermatter

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