[DSHOW-08] Implementation of IMemAllocator and IMediaSample (REVISED)

Mike Hearn mike at theoretic.com
Tue Sep 9 16:09:36 CDT 2003

Are we allowed to use that file all over wine? Having access to a global
shared linked list implementation would be handy.

On Tue, 2003-09-09 at 20:49, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Robert Shearman <R.J.Shearman at warwick.ac.uk> writes:
> > +    struct list * pFreeList;
> > +    struct list * pUsedList;
> You are not using the list functions the right way; these should be a
> struct list, not a struct list *. The rest of the code then gets a lot
> cleaner, you don't need any special cases for empty lists etc.

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