newbie - question: compiling winelib's winemine

Deji Akinyemi doakinyemi at
Tue Sep 9 16:10:43 CDT 2003

Hi there! I am trying to get up to speed on developing applications 
using wine. The winelib-user documentation recommends getting started by 
taking a look at the winemine (wine-xxxxxx/programs/winemine) code 
packaged with the library.

I seem to be having different outcomes when I compile the code with the 
original Makefile and when I do so with the Makefile generated with 

The original winemine makefile compiles the code without a problem and 
the program runs, however when I run the makefile generated by winemaker 
I get the following error:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=":$LD_LIBRARY_PATH" /usr/bin/wrc   -I.  
-I/usr/local/include/wine/windows -o En.res En.rc
En.rc:23:22: Error: parse error

The wine-lib documentation mentions editing the file, I have 
looked at it and compared it with the original winmine Makefile. The 
winemaker makefile  includes the files  En.rc and Pt.rc in it RC_SRCS  
which is absent from the original Makefile. I removed the two entries 
with the result that the code compiles, but however fails to run. I do 
not get any error messages.
Apart from those RC_SRCS entries I haven't noticed anything semantically 
that would result in the different behaviors that I am getting, granted, 
I may be missing some things.

What parameters do I need to pass to winemaker to get this program to 
run, or are there certain changes I need to make to the Makefile that I 
a missing?

Thanks for any help or advice.


Any recommendations on winelib primers would also be much appreciated.

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