Wine repeated unhandled exptions

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Wed Sep 10 09:05:26 CDT 2003

Shachar Shemesh wrote:

> Hi list,
> I have just performed an upgrade to my Debian Sid Linux. During the 
> upgrade, libc was replaced. I can now not get Wine to work on the new 
> install.
> Previously, I would use Wine without --with-nptl. This no longer 
> works. Wine sigsegv on startup (whether there are parameters or not).
> compiling with --with-nptl gets me slightly further. Running wine 
> without parameters produces the help printout. However, when I try to 
> actually run something, this does not work. It doesn't matter what I 
> try to run (whether winelib or Windows). I get a series of "unhandled 
> expection". This happens even for the regedit that is supposed to 
> install my default registry via tools/wineinstall
> Any ideas? Anyone?
As Juraj sent his message almost simultaniously with mine, I just wanted 
to make it clear that my problem was not the same. It appears that some 
black magic is destroying the content of a variable between calls.

In "DOSFS_OpenDir", there is a variable "unix_path". At one point 
(pretty early, but not at the first time), this is set to my home 
directory ("/home/sun"). The function then calls "DOSFS_OpenDir_Normal". 
Instead of getting "/home/sun", however, DOSFS_OpenDir_Normal gets NULL. 
It calls "opendir" with NULL, and sigsegv is happening.

I am currently trying to compile Wine without optimizations, to see 
whether I have triggered some wierd compiler bug. I somewhat doubt this, 
however, as the several first iterations succeed without a problem.

I'm investigating this further, but if anyone has any idea.....


Shachar Shemesh
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